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The shared research and development centre possesses the personnel, materials and technologies available to partners for the purpose of the fulfilment of the subject and purpose of their collaboration. For that purpose, contracting parties may also use the information and communication infrastructure of TUKE, material and technical infrastructure of specialised TUKE centres, as well as TUKE experts. The Laser Laboratory provides the conditions for the production of instruments with very specific functions, including, for example, the Blackbox function for analysing pigmentation. If the Blackbox assesses pigmentation as melanoma, it sends an order to the laser to remove it. Another specific feature will be continuous interconnection between the laser and the network to facilitate the collection of data on a number and type of procedures performed by the instrument. Collected data and records on technical failures of the instrument will be archived in an external servicing centre.  In order to reduce the initial costs and the required premises, it will be possible to combine standard types of laser into a single instrument (e.g. Q-SWITCHED + LongPulse). In addition to combining standard models, it will also be possible to create unique combinations of various types of lasers that will be intended for treatment of specific problems (e.g. removal of brown-red spots).


Diawin shoes are a new product in the European market in terms of their design and special properties; they rank among a new generation of shoes of this type. Their key advantages include:   

  • Modern design that does not look like a diabetic shoe—this significantly helps the younger generation of patients to cooperate in the therapy and wear the shoes without prejudice.

  • Sporting designs of the shoes enable patients and people with problems to actively spend their life, do sports to an allowable extent, and engage more intensively in their family and social life.

  • 3 available widths of mass-produced shoes in all sizes; they release a foot from a grip, contribute to better blood circulation and ensure better gait stability for patients.

At present, there are 7 models (for men, women, and unisex) in the market, available since July 2017. In Slovakia, more than 10 thousand patients with diabetes wear these shoes and the results are very good. The sale and customer services are also provided through a logistics partner in Slovakia – e-shop – to Germany, Austria and Great Britain.


Diawin actively collaborates primarily with TUKE and UPJŠ in Košice, as well as other existing and new important CMV members, in the research and development of new models and technologies for specialised footwear for patients with diabetes.


Production, research and development of a new generation of absorbable materials containing hyaluronic acid – additive elements in measurable amounts. Design and production of 3 types of absorbable materials containing hyaluronic acid (classic, volume, booster) with added vitamins and antioxidants.


Production of blood bags and intravenous solutions (various combinations, e.g. 1, 1+1...), bags for blood plasma, urinal bags and related product lines. Production of special blood bags with a filter that can separate leucocytes from blood preparations. Gradual implementation of the production of a new type of non-PVC polymer without plasticisers.


Production of Cosmeceuticals – cosmetic products containing bioactive additives. Cosmeceutical means a combination of cosmetics and medicinal substances. Production of products (creams, skin lotions, ointments...) containing a biologically active compound with pharmaceutical effects on the skin with measurable amounts of contained elements.


 The central laboratory combines research and development for individual production segments with the aim to increase effectiveness and facilitate large-scale material research for all production segments. The laboratory stage last 1‒2 years.

The second stage – a transition from the laboratory environment to the integrated production – lasts 2‒5 years.


Within the planned additive manufacturing, products may be engaged in and added to the production process at any time. As early as in the initial stage of the product development, we can practically verify and test suitability and functionality of components. This contributes to a faster launch of products.

In each project, the material production is carried out using polymers (plastics) and 3D printing that represents an additive manufacturing method; i.e. method of gradual application and layering of a material to form a desired object, without producing any waste. Using the most advanced technologies, we can produce, for example, metal/plastic/wooden/cosmetic products, from plastic objects to cellular structures to form artificial tissues.

What we want to achieve through individual projects?

Our intention is to be classified as a strategic investment. In our scientific and industrial park, in particular in its laboratory section, we want to conduct industrial research and development together with universities based in Košice, and later also with foreign academic entities, with the support received from the government. This facility is unique thanks to the concentration of individual research activities under one roof, as well as the interconnection between the academic environment and industrial stakeholders; this will not only help students of individual study programmes obtain real-life experience, but also facilitate direct implementation of innovative approaches and novel materials in the production. This will facilitate creating a unique centre not only of the national but also global nature.


Research projects in the stage of scientific preparation:

  • Research into biodegradable polymers with an adjustable degradation time for industrial environments: due to the applications across all production segments, it is one of the key areas of research with direct implications for the production;

  • Regeneration of hard tissues (joints): regeneration, replacement, restoration of damaged or destroyed tissues with the use of functionally equal tissues;

  • Production of X-ray instruments;

  • Implants for newborns in the prenatal stage: First successful operation on a newborn baby – the first implant has been produced. Our goal is to develop this area.

  • Production of probiotics for milk;

  • Cosmetics produced from medical cannabis.


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City Business Center V.

Karadžičova 16, 4. floor

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