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Who are the members of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster?

The Cassovia Medi Valley Cluster has permanent and associate members.

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Permanent members:



Permanent members:


International Laser Centre –

a member of Laserlab Europe

Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice

Louis Pasteur University Hospital in Košice comprises its own Research and Development Department and conducts its own clinical studies, thus contributing to the cluster’s activities. It is also involved in the EU programme Horizon 2020 and is entitled to use the EU funds allocated for the field of research and innovations, and it is the key tool in the implementation of the “Innovation Union” initiative that was established based on the resolution made by the European Commission on 4 February 2011 and the resolution of the European Parliament of 12 May 2011 on “Innovation Union”.


Through the fulfilment of the programme objectives, it is expected to achieve higher competiveness of the EU on the global scale and sustainable development.


Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice ranks among successful universities in Slovakia with the potential to provide required premises, technology and personnel. It possesses two centres which are currently involved in cooperation with the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster – The University Scientific Park (MEDIPARK) and The Technology and Innovation Park. MEDIPARK is a top-class national centre for research and development and for the transfer of knowledge to practice in the field of medicine.


The Technology and Innovation Park is a scientific and technological centre of the University in the field of biomedicine, biotechnologies, information technology and advanced materials.

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University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice

University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice conducts its own scientific and research activities and possesses its own Medical University Science Park.


Based on the University’s long-term intention, the purpose of the scientific and research activities is to achieve the level of quality in research and development that corresponds to the European standard for research universities in the key fields of science and research conducted by the University, comprising, inter alia, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, regeneration medicine, invasive and non-invasive therapies.


Technical University of Košice

Technical University of Košice is a public university providing higher education and facilitating creative scientific investigation and creative artistic activities.


The TECHNICOM University Scientific Park in Košice provides conditions for the execution of the top-level applied research in the field of information and communication technologies, electrotechnology, automation and control systems, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, and ensures the transfer of knowledge from the academic sector to the economic and social practice through the transfer of technology.



The founding company of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster is MM MEDICAL s.r.o., a company operating in the field of production, research and development of new-generation absorbable materials containing hyaluronic acid, production of innovative dermatological lasers and subsequent commercialisation thereof.


MM MEDICAL performs primarily activities in the field of dermato-cosmetic medicine, in particular the following:

•          Designing and production of 3 types of absorbable materials containing hyaluronic acid (classic, volume, booster) with vitamins and antioxidants as additives;

•          Research and production of a new prototype – a type of a dermatological laser combining three types of the Nd:Yag laser. It is the production of a prototype which is currently not produced since the market currently offers only separate lasers of the given type of a Nd:Yag laser.

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JUHAPHARM s.r.o., a company that owns a network of pharmacies and operates in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Partner universities possess valuable premises, technology and human resources that are necessary for the fulfilment of the vision and objectives of the CMV cluster.


Universities also possess their own laboratories and scientific parks where they perform their own research activities to the benefit of all CMV partners.



DC MEDICAL s.r.o., a cluster company conducting research and development of a new generation of absorbable materials containing hyaluronic acid.


Diawin Deutschland GmbH a DIawin RDM, s.r.o.

Diawin Deutschland GmbH and DIawin RDM, s.r.o., companies specialising in innovative orthopaedic footwear intended primarily for patients with diabetic polyneuropathy and a diabetic foot. Diawin Deutschland GmbH manufactures special orthopaedic footwear of Category I in compliance with the applicable CE European certificate. Diawin orthopaedic sporting footwear is manufactured primarily for people with diabetic polyneuropathy and a diabetic foot, but it is also suitable for people with various orthopaedic problems with lower limbs – hallux, wide feet, hammer toes, various swellings etc.


The Diawin’s mission is to contribute to reducing the number of foot amputations due to diabetes and inform patients with diabetes about the options how to lead a full-value social life.  


International Laser Centre in Bratislava

International Laser Centre in Bratislava as an important associate member in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic focuses on the research in the field of modern technologies in medicine and biology, and as a member of the group of excellent European laser research centres it creates scientific and material conditions for Slovak scientists in order to become part of the process of searching for new applications of light to the benefit of the mankind. The International Laser Centre is managed directly by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, and it is used as the Ministry’s main scientific, research and educational centre for laser technology and photonics.


The International Laser Centre conducts research in the field of modern technologies in medicine and biology, and as a member of the group of excellent European laser research centres it creates scientific and material conditions for Slovak scientists in order to become part of the process of searching for new applications of light to the benefit of the mankind.


What Cassovia Medi Valley cluster offers to its members?

All of the members of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster can develop their scientific activities and production in the shared premises of the cluster, where they can use material, technologies and personnel for their own research and production. The personnel of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster consists of scientists, experts and students who work and study in the field of natural sciences, medicine, bioengineering and pharmaceutical branches; this will facilitate achieving high quality and the development of research and production. The research centre is located in Košice, a town with a great development potential to the benefit of researchers and innovation companies.


The key idea behind the cluster is to create a new-level complex of research, scientific and production centres of individual partners of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster in the region of Košice with the aim to increase the collaboration and the development of the innovative industry that supports the knowledge possessed by the young generation in the field of biomedical sciences. Moreover, it will enable its members to participate in cross-border and international research projects and promote the results of their activities not only at the national but also international level. It will also strive to create conditions for the development of experts in IT and relevant disciplines, including active cooperation with educational institutions.


Entities interested in the membership in the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster who share the same values and want to participate in the development of biomedical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in the town of Košice, and hence cooperate in the improvement of competitiveness of the Eastern Slovakia Region, may seek more information about the CMV operations and the membership requirements with the individual founding members and partners. We will be happy to witness your contribution to the support of scientific, research and production activities in the Slovak Republic.

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Key tasks of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster:

1. Creating bonds between the business sector, the academic sector and the public sector with the aim of supporting growth and transfer of innovation to practice.   

 2. Preparation of projects aimed at obtaining grants and subsidies from the EU structural funds.  

 3. Collaboration in international projects.

 4. A complex offer of advisory and expert services to cluster members and third parties.

Advantages offered by the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster to hospitals:

  • Education and training for employees with obtaining certificates;

  • Testing laser equipment;

  • A possibility to purchase laser equipment;

  • Building good reputation;

  • Innovation development.

Advantages for physicians, professors and scientists:

  • Implementation of scientific knowledge;

  • Participation in international research and development;

  • Acquisition of information on novel technologies or changes;

  • Participation in cross-border and international research projects;

  • Cooperation with schools and educational institutions;

  • Improvement of communication and collaboration with enterprises;

  • Joint research and development projects with enterprises and transfer of knowledge and technologies from schools to practice.

Key advantages for the Košice Self-Governing Region and the town of Košice

  • Sustainability of high numbers of jobs;

  • Improvement of the business environment;

  • New investments;

  • Inflow of international capital;

  • Increasing the town’s credit;

  • International transfer of technologies;

  • Location with an international laboratory;

  • Improvement of communication and cooperation with enterprises, educational, research and development institutions;

  • Stabilisation and development of enterprises in the region;

  • Support of research, development and innovations in the region;

  • Increasing the competiveness of the whole region.

  • Support of the sectors and of the region;

  • Support of public research and innovations;

  • Support of internal relations in the region and relations with companies and institutions based outside the region.

A system for the support of development through mutual collaboration therefore combines several important factors, such as:

Requirements for scientific partners of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster:

1. Appointing a person who will coordinate all existing and future projects of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster:

 • Project coordination;

 • Participation in meetings;

 • Participation in the preparation and sharing of documents by the partners;

 • Communication with the partners.


2. Appointing a person who will coordinate the project—Laser Laboratory:

 • Premises for the laboratory;

 • Provision of research and development in the laboratory;

 • Coordination of the creation of a schedule for tasks;

 • Creating conditions and arranging technology for the laboratory.


3. Premises for the laboratory, possibilities and requirements:

 • Cooperation in the preparation and furnishing of the laboratory, or supplementations based on the requirements of partners for science and research;

 • Where they are located;

 • What type of research may be implemented;

 • Conditions for utilisation of the premises.


4. How many doctoral students can we engage in the laboratory tasks and what are the engagement requirements?

 • Cooperation by doctoral students in science and research with an approval of a university (number of doctoral students, number of hours allocated to a project, investigated issues…);  

 • Specification of the employment relations of doctoral students engaged in scientific activities (defining the remuneration conditions or allocations for their activities etc.).  


5. What capacities can the university allocate to the research? Which staff? Which technologies?

 • Number of personnel the university can provide for the research;

 • Technology possessed by the university;

 • Other potential forms of support for science and research.


6. What legal form will apply to the laboratory?

 • A joint venture with a university;

 • Membership in the CMV (Cassovia Medi Valley), shared research premises of the cluster will have the necessary materials, staff and technology.


7. Patent rights to potential outputs of the development will be shared.

 • Requirements for patent rights.


8. Can our (Korean) engineers use the technologies possessed by the Technical University?

 • Capacity of foreign engineers who may use your technologies;

 • Defining potential contractual terms and conditions;

 • Criteria and requirements for foreign engineers.


9. Prior to the arrival of Korean engineers, it is necessary to design together with us the research into a new combined laser.

 • Active meetings;

 • Participation in the development of the biomedical, laser, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries;

 • Mutual communication and defining requirements for the development of a laser;

 • Joint defining of specifications for the lasers we want to develop.


10. A detailed schedule of meetings of our team of engineers and the university engineers.

 • Coordination of working processes;

 • A schedule of dates for meetings.


11. Is the university interested in sending its doctoral students for mobilities to the partner in Soul?

 • Requirements for a stay in Soul;

 • Stay duration and cooperation with a partner;

 • Number of doctoral students;

 • Objective of the stay with a foreign partner.


In November 2017, the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster initiated cooperation with a Korean partner (WONTECH) in the research and production of a new prototype, a type of a dermatological laser combining 3 types of a Nd:Yag laser. CMV representatives went to a business trip to Korea to meet the foreign partner operating in the pharmaceutical industry; they attended meetings where they discussed the shared vision of the project. During the visit, the representatives underwent the initial technological trainings and agreed on the form of cooperation – a joint venture. Also, representatives of the Cassovia Medi Valley cluster invited the Korean partners to visit Slovakia, meet our representatives and see our premises and technologies. During this few-day visit, our Korean partners were introduced to the CMV members, became familiar with our scientific and research activities and with our vision.


They also visited the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) and the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (UPJŠ), had an audience with the Mayor of the town in the Town Hall, and then visited dermatological centres in Košice, Nitra and Bratislava.


+421 948 798 537




Mojmírova 12

04001, Košice 


City Business Center V.

Karadžičova 16, 4. floor

821 08 Bratislava


Čo je Cassovia Medi Valley?

Cassovia Medi Valley (CMV) je klaster subjektov východoslovenského regiónu, medzi ktoré patria univerzity, výskumné inštitúcie, zdravotnícke zariadenia, podniky a regionálna samospráva. Primárnou snahou združenia CMV je koordinovať výskumno-vedecké, vývojové a inovačné aktivity subjektov regionálneho partnerstva. CMV umožňuje vytvárať novú úroveň udržateľnej regionálnej spolupráce medzi vysoko úspešnými organizáciami, ktoré zdieľajú spoločnú víziu premeny mesta Košice a Košického samosprávneho kraja na vedeckú, výskumnú a inovačnú oblasť, ktorá má ambíciu vyrovnať sa svojim národným, európskym aj globálnym partnerom. Primárnou ideou klastra je stať sa strediskom na podporu a aplikáciu vedomostí a poznatkov mladej generácie v oblasti biomedicíny, farmácie a kozmetiky.

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